TikTok Will Collect The Biometric Data Of Its Users


TikTok: The privacy policies are that very long text that as a user it does not hurt to read. It is true that the text is extremely long, but it contains interesting data such as what data a company collects from you, what is the purpose of collecting it and how it is later managed. This is important in all applications and if there are changes you need to know about them. And you should know that TikTok has changed its privacy policy and will now be able to collect biometric data from its users.

TikTok will collect biometric data from its users

It is a fact that each time companies have to modify their conditions of use and privacy for consumers to access their services. And it is that if you want to use their app you have to accept them, since otherwise you will have no other option than to uninstall as it does not comply with the basic principle of use. But sometimes these rules are revised and modified to suit new times or company policies, and this can be done in secret without any user noticing.

This is the case with TikTok, the application so fashionable that it can collect biometric data from the user. According to TechCrunch in its lines, this information that is collected has to do with biometric detection such as facial, voice and body recognition of the people who use its service. This will be handled by an algorithm that will analyze all the videos uploaded to this social video network. At first glance, everything indicates that the application will analyze the video to better understand it, from the place where it was made or what the protagonists do if they are people.

First in America

At the moment, the medium points out that the changes in the TikTok use policies have only been carried out in the United States. Apparently, there are states in which this type of practice has not been regulated, but the most curious thing is that the reasons why Bytedance, the firm behind the application, has not yet given the green light to this change without let users know about it.

In the case of Europe, these changes have not yet been applied at the moment and it could all be due to the presence of the new data protection law that has been in force for no less than three years. We will see what the plans of the Chinese company are and if this change is definitively integrated for all users.