TikTok Will Collect More Voice And Face Data


TikTok has made it technically legal to automatically collect data from user and user activities on the application with the change it made in its privacy policy. Focusing on biometric tokens, the company will focus on data such as fingerprints and “voice prints”. In the statement made by TikTok, it was stated that extra permissions will be obtained if needed to collect this data.

According to the news of TechCrunch, changes in TikTok’s privacy policy in the USA under the heading “Image and Audio Information” stand out. One of the changes made means that TikTok will follow its users less than before. Although this seems like a good change, it can be said that the other changes made do not look good for users.

While it was stated that the visuals and sounds in TikTok would be evaluated in the “User Content” class, it was stated that the information could be collected by detecting visible scenes and objects, and detecting sounds or texts.

TikTok also gave information about what the extra data collected would be used for. According to the company’s statement; This information can be used in jobs such as special video effects, content moderation, demographic classification, content recommendation, advertising advice and non-personal detection operations.


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