TikTok, Which Is On The Agenda, Is Alleged To Be Apple


Having been having problems with the US administration, TikTok’s US operations had been busy for a while when it wanted to be purchased by Microsoft. However, according to a new claim, another surprise buyer appeared on TikTok.

Everyone who follows the technology world more or less knows the problems of TikTok, a popular short video sharing platform, with the US administration. In addition, the US-based software giant Microsoft also wanted to buy TikTok had an important place in the agenda of recent days.

However, according to the new information, a new buyer came out for TikTok: Apple. According to the news that 9to5Mac is based on Axios, Apple announced that it is serious about purchasing the short video sharing service.

New buyer for TikTok: Apple

“Multiple sources have told me Apple has an interest in this,” said Axios’s Dan Primack. Primack said that this agreement is unusual for Apple, for reasons such as TikTok being on multiple platforms, and it causes more political problems than Tim Cook could want in both the US and China.

Of course, one of the most interesting points about this bomb claim was that Primack’s sources were not from Apple. Moreover, Microsoft and other investors are negotiating with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

Apple told Axios that there are no negotiations on purchasing the application and the company has no desire to do so. However, Primack reiterated that Apple had an interest in this direction. Also in the news from different sources, it was stated that Google and Facebook wanted to buy TikTok in the past, but it is not known whether there is a meeting between the companies at the moment.

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After Trump announced that TikTok would prevent it by saying that it created a national security problem, it was stated that Microsoft wanted to buy TikTok’s operations in the USA. In addition, Microsoft provided details of his conversations with ByteDance in a blog post he published.

At the moment, the deadline for TikTok on this subject seems to be September 15. Trump said he would block TikTok in the US if the deal is not completed by this date. If Apple buys TikTok, it will be the company’s largest purchase so far. Apple’s biggest acquisition so far was $ 3 billion Beats. TikTok is said to have a value of 30 billion dollars or more.


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