TikTok: What is the new ‘Learn’ tab for?


TikTok is the fashion app that many users trust for their entertainment method. It is a fact that the Chinese application has grown a lot in recent months, something that has attracted the attention of many countries that have tried to take it down for different reasons. One of them is the content it brings, which could change soon with the arrival of a new tab for learning.

Learn new things with TikTok

It is a fact that videos are part of the most consumed content on the Internet. This is something that TikTok has exploited, especially by putting a lot of filters and editing elements for these short videos. But it is also striking how easy it is to use the app, and that is that you only have two parts where you can see all the content that users upload.

On the one hand you have the Following tab, where you will have access to all the videos that the users you follow have created new, and For you, which is the recommendation page with profile content that may interest you, although many use the hashtag with this name in order to impact more people and get more views. But you may soon have a new tab where you can watch videos that will delight even the most handyman.

According to TechCrunch, the app is working on a new tab called ‘Learn’ or teaching if we translate it into Spanish. In theory, the first step the company has taken has been the launch of the ‘LearnOnTikTok’ label, an initiative for creators of content for crafts, DIY and cooking recipes, among many others, to position their content as useful for the community .

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The tests have already started as you can see in the image that accompanies this text, but there is still time for users to have it installed and start using it.

Do dances enter the new section of TikTok?
This is a big unknown right now. It is a fact that the youngest users have made the app the place to see and learn dances, so as it is an artistic expression, the Learn label that we are talking about can be used. Another thing will be the type of dance that is more or less suitable for the audience it is intended for.


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