TikTok: Video Resumes Are Criticized for Generating Discrimination


TikTok‘s job offer feature and the receipt of “resumes” in the form of videos on the social network was criticized by experts heard in a report on the Bloomberg website.

The novelty was released in July 2021 and has already been used by some companies in the United States to assist in the hiring process. This is not the only and final step that defines who wins the job, but it can be an important step in the selection (and elimination) of candidates.

Even for this reason, there are those who suspect that the process with the curation of an algorithm and limited resources by a service can serve to leave many candidates out for reasons considered unfair.

What can happen?

Professor of digital media and advertising at the University of Southern California, Freddy Tran Nager believes that low-income people can be the most harmed: in addition to lower quality equipment, they may have less access to editing content and even more elaborate objects or scenarios for the production of resumes in video form.

In addition, Nager also cites legal implications: sending a resume with a photo as the first criterion in a selection process may be considered illegal in some regions.

The TikTok algorithm is also questioned by recruiters interviewed by Bloomberg. After all, there are few details about how the platform’s curation works, and much of the information contained in a clip could be collected from a face-to-face interview or videoconference. It is also worth remembering that recent complaints pointed out discrimination in the service in relation to bodies that are not of a standard of beauty and even social class.