A TikTok User Licks a Toilet by Launching ‘Coronavirus Challenge’


‘Challenge’ is a very popular video theme on social media platforms and can be used with many different content, but a TikTok user has taken this theme forward and licked the toilet in a video he took with the title Coronavirus Challenge.

Internet and social media platforms brought many innovations and convenience to our lives. Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, access to communication and information is much easier and faster, but unfortunately not everything is completely pink.

Social media celebrities and phenomena can sometimes do unimaginable things to attract attention. A TikTok user was also able to sign such an event. Ava Louise and TikTok and Instagram user have released a video titled ‘Coronavirus Challenge’.

Coronavirus Challenge:


Challenge videos are very popular among social media users, but Ava Louise has taken these challenge videos to another dimension. Louise posted a video on TikTok with the title Coronavirus Challenge and licked an airplane toilet.

“Please RT this, so people can see how to be hygienic on airplanes,” said Louise, also by sharing the video from his Twitter account. Of course, Louise achieved what she wanted, and different users joined this trend. There were also those who reacted to Louise and said she should be arrested for contributing to such a thing.

Ava Louise later said that she disinfected the toilet with bleach 40 minutes before licking it. In his Instagram story, which he later shared, he made $ 4,000 (25,000 TL) thanks to this video. Are you thinking about these videos made to attract attention on social media?


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