TikTok, the inspiration for a new professional social network


If you think LinkedIn looks a lot like Facebook, wait to see the new professional social network that seems to have been inspired by TikTok. The user will be able to post videos of just 30 seconds, time they will have to “sell their fish” – hence their name: Peixe 30.

However, the platform obviously wants to be more than a network of professionals talking about themselves; some tools will help companies to find employees over the network, through the collection of data from users as a way of personalizing searches made by HRs.

Algorithms will also be used to store, in a database, the transcription of what is said in the videos, highlighting keywords (so it is good to learn how to use them before recording your presentation).

“It is very difficult for a person to show their skills only with the normal curriculum, and the selection processes are long. We wanted to resolve these two situations, ”said in an interview with Exame magazine Willian Valadão, one of the founders of Peixe 30, along with Julian Correa. (The two are also together at the technology company Verga Sistemas and on the scholarship and university search engine Beduka.)

Known interface

The plan is to monitor users’ facial expressions in the future. “For now, we want to work on some video effects, think about the user experience and develop the companies’ module. Starting next year, we want to start building this algorithm ”, explained the businessman.

The registration information is the usual (email, cell phone number, username, password) – but, as it is a professional social network, it is necessary to enter profession, where you live and areas of interest (you can use the profile of the LinkedIn and Instagram and include a website and resume).

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Unlike LinkedIn, the ability to see who watched the posted video will be free. The application, available for Android and iOS, will be launched tomorrow (September 1).


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