TikTok tests a new feature, what is it about?


Social networks allow you to make publications so that everyone, or simply your followers, can see them, comment on them or even indicate if they like them or not. However, Instagram has a function that allows an influential person, famous person, celebrity, politician, etc., to communicate in a more direct and real way with his followers or fans. We refer to the question and answer function.

Well, now everything indicates that the popular TikTok network would also be testing its particular question and answer function. Through a post on Twitter, it was possible to see how this new feature would work in the famous network of short videos.

TikTok begins testing its new Q&A feature

In the screenshots, you can see how a red icon will appear with a question mark and the icon of a chat with the text questions and answers that allows adding a button dedicated to this function to the user profile on TikTok. But in addition, this button would also appear in the comments section of a video. In this way, when someone asks a question, it will be possible to answer it by video or with text. Of course, everyone will decide which questions to answer and how to do it.

Everything indicates that the question and answer button will appear both in the published video and in those live content through TikTok. From the filtered images, it does not seem that there is a limit of questions that a user can receive, although it is likely that it will have to be established in the future depending on the acceptance of this new feature.

Therefore, this new question and answer button will be available on a user’s profile, in the comments section of a video or in live videos. At the moment it is only in tests and only some TikTok users with more than 10,000 followers worldwide would have received this function.

Now, as is usual after these leaks, in the coming weeks the deployment schedule for this function could be announced and that it will gradually be available to all users and in any corner of the world. What do you think of the new question and answer function proposed by TikTok? In particular, I believe that there should be some kind of moderation or question limit, including that each person could activate or deactivate the button at a certain time to avoid receiving a barrage of questions that cannot be answered.


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