TikTok Testing Job Application Feature With Video Resumes


TikTok‘s preparations for meeting job and employee seekers emerged last May. The company finally made its preparations available under the name TikTok Resumes.

With TikTok’s program, which is currently in the pilot phase, users are able to apply for jobs with short video resumes to companies like Chipotle, Target and Shopify in the US. While more than 30 companies participate in the pilot program, which will continue until July 31, it is thought that TikTok aims to reach university students with this move.

After users prepare their video resumes, they upload it to TikTok and then send it to recruiters through the app. In the training video prepared for the pilot program, users are reminded not to share their personal information in videos that can be viewed by everyone.

It is seen that some of the job postings on the platform are looking for people who will prepare content for TikTok. This shows that more and more brands are accepting TikTok, which has already been adopted by content developers. For example, Alo Yoga is looking for a social media manager to develop the brand’s strategy on TikTok. Other organizations are looking for presenters and video producers to cover all social media platforms.

With TikTok Resumes, job applications can be made until July 31. It can be said that it is pleasing for users with long resumes that TikTok allows 3-minute videos.