TikTok takes an important step for Europe


TikTok, which has been on the world agenda for a long time, took action for the European Data Center. It has been the subject of news that the application will move its headquarters to London. However, it was reported that this decision was abandoned after the tension between China and England.

TikTok continues its investments, although news of banning and blocking comes from some countries. The application, which reaches users around the world, will act in accordance with the rules of the European Union by putting servers into service in Europe.

TikTok European Data Center starts operating

As is known, the European Union has set strict rules for social media applications. At the beginning of these rules, the collection and processing of data shows itself. Like many applications, TikTok will establish a data center covering the region and store European data in place. The EU does not favor its own data going to and from different locations.

TikTok also chose Ireland for its first European Data Center. The cost of the data center, which will include CISCO devices, is 420 million euros. Requiring such a high amount of investment, the center will begin to serve users in the first months of 2022.

In the statement made by the application, it was stated that the new data center will open new business opportunities, data security will be provided physically and virtually and the data will remain in Europe.

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