TikTok sued the United States government!


As expected, TikTok appealed to court against the ban the US administration was preparing to impose on it. The popular social network claims that the presidential decree signed by US President Donald Trump on August 6 “justifies an excessive act without a proof and evaluation process.” The company, which opposes being portrayed as a national security threat, said that its efforts to alleviate concerns were also fended off by the Trump administration.

In the petition of TikTok, it was emphasized that the negotiations were preferred to continue instead of applying to the court, but the conditions did not leave another way. The statement made by the company includes the following statements: “The presidential decree threatening to ban our operations in the USA risks employment of 10 thousand people in the USA. In addition; It also harms millions of American citizens who use TikTok for things like entertainment and staying connected, which were vital during the pandemic. We had no choice but to challenge this in court. ”

In TikTok’s statement, it was pointed out that the company has made significant progress in demonstrating its commitment to the US market. Stating that all of its key personnel are Americans living in the USA, the company underlined that the data are also stored on servers in the USA and China.

It is also among the highlights that software barriers have been established in order to distinguish TikTok from other platforms under the roof company ByteDance.

TikTok argued that his nearly a year of contacts with the US Foreign Investment Committee to show his goodwill were also ignored. The company recalled that it has been in close contact with officials to show that there is no threat to the US national security.

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