TikTok Stream Coming to YouTube: YouTube Shorts


Short-lived and music-related videos produced by users are now coming to YouTube. YouTube Shorts, the new feature of YouTube that will rival TikTok, will stand out with its unlimited music library.

TikTok, which is among the social media platforms of today, is known as the place where something is tried to be explained with short-term videos. Thanks to the entertainment it gives to its users and audience, TikTok has an audience that does not know the age limit from 7 to 70.

The video sharing platform TikTok, published in 2016, continues to maintain leadership in its field. But unexpected news from YouTube can completely change this.

Candidate platform to replace TikTok: YouTube Shorts
According to a new report, Google plans to create its own TikTok by adding a feature called Shorts to the mobile applications of its video streaming service, YouTube, on Android and iOS operating systems.

YouTube Shorts, which will use the unlimited music that YouTube has already licensed, will be used in videos worth the content to be produced by users. Shorts will include short and concise videos that will encourage users to create their own videos, as in TikTok.

In response to asking for more information about the new feature via email, the YouTube spokesperson said: “We do not comment on rumors or speculations.”

It is anticipated that if YouTube is successful with the Shorts feature, it will get a trump card that YouTube Premium can use against Apple Music and Spotify. On the other hand, TikTok, who did not know how to make new songs on the market in a very short time and easily, announced that he would announce his own music application.

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On the other hand, YouTube can make the new Shorts feature widespread in a very short time by using its huge user base. It is stated that YouTube will announce this feature by the end of the year.


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