TikTok starts showing automatic captions on videos


TikTok has released an update to its app bringing a new accessibility feature: automatic captions. The tool can now be used for content in English and Japanese, but it will receive support for more languages ​​in the coming months.

Automatic captions can be enabled by the content creator when publishing a video. Text content is generated by TikTok’s artificial intelligence, but the user can make adjustments before sending the publication to the feed.

The novelty will be useful for deaf people who use TikTok and becomes a new option for those who use the application without sound. For those who do not want to use automatic captions, it will be possible to disable the function in the video sharing panel.

While TikTok did not give an estimate of how much the novelty will work in Portuguese, the trend is that the function does not take long to be released in more places. The social network is currently investing heavily in accessibility.

The short video platform already has a tool capable of converting texts into voice and also functions to prevent seizures. The social network has a warning of photosensitive content and also allows the user to skip annoying images within videos.

In addition to investing in accessibility, TikTok is currently closing several major partnerships. Over the past few months, the social network has become the content platform for competitions like UFC and Copa do Nordeste.


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