TikTok Star whose videos are found to be inappropriate


The 22-year-old Egyptian girl, famous for her videos on TikTok and Instagram, which comes to mind when it comes to social media, was sentenced to 2 years in prison for her videos were found inappropriate. The decision was taken to the appellate court.

Designed for people to share their memories with TikTok, the platform where many different movements have taken their place and people are quickly known, Instagram has become a serious trading platform with advertisements and sponsors, and is used by millions of people worldwide. Although these platforms have certain rules, countries may have regulations independent of the platform rules.

Mawada, a 22-year-old Egyptian university student, was accused of violating Egyptian family values ​​last month, and Mawada was asked for 2 years in prison. Mawada, who sang popular songs on TikTok and Instagram and wore stylish clothes, was accused of ‘inappropriateness’.

Mawada is not the only case in Egypt

Five people, named TikTok girls and including Mawada, were sentenced to two years of imprisonment as well as a 20 thousand dollar fine. “Why did they punish her? Other actresses dressed in a much more obscene way. Mawada wanted to be an actress,” said Mawada’s brother Moreira al-Adham, questioning the punishment imposed on her brother.

According to the statements of the human rights group Amnesty International, the plaintiff used 17 photographs of Mawada as evidence against him. Mawada stated that the photographs used as evidence against “inappropriateness” were taken when her phone was stolen last year.

Mawada and 4 other victims took the decision to the appellate court on Monday. For now, the new hearing is expected on September 14th. Mawada’s younger bro, Moreira, at worst, wants her sister’s sentence eased. The statement made by Mawada’s brother, Moreira, was as follows:

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“Mawada was really impressed. The sentences were handed out extremely unjustified. Even if some of his videos do not really conform to social norms and traditions, prison is not a solution. Prison gives birth to criminals. The authorities could at least opt ​​for rehabilitation.”


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