TikTok: security measures for users under the age of 18


TikTok is making changes aimed at users under the age of 18, aimed at achieving higher standards for user privacy and security.

From now on, the default privacy setting will be different for user accounts between the ages of 13 and 15. With a private TikTok account, only a person that the user has approved as a follower can view their videos. TikTok notes that he wants young TikTok users to be able to make informed choices about sharing, including whether to open their accounts to everyone.

TikTok lists the changes it offers to provide a safer experience for its young users as follows:

  • The options for commenting on videos created by under 16 are tightened. Only Friends can comment to these users. The Everyone option was removed in the ability to comment settings.
  • Duet and Insert settings were changed and these features were made available only for content created by users aged 16 and over. For users aged 16-17, the default setting for Duet and Insert is set to Friends only.
  • Only videos shared by users aged 16 and over are allowed to be downloaded. Other users can decide if they want to allow their videos to be downloaded. For users aged 16-17, the default setting will remain Off unless enabled.
  • The “Recommend your account to others” option for user accounts aged 13-15 has been turned Off by default.

TikTok has previously taken some steps to protect the safety of young people. Restrict live streams and direct messaging from age 16 and above; These included sending, accepting, and restricting purchases of virtual gifts to ages 18 and over, allowing parents to place restrictions on their kids’ TikTok experience via Family Match Mode.

He says there is nothing more important than the security and privacy of the TikTok community, he regularly publishes Transparency Reports to ensure this. In the Transparency and Accountability Center, it shows experts and how it manages content, recommends and protects user data. The Security Center contains details about privacy.

“We are aware that protecting the privacy of our users is not the end, and our investment in this important area will not end there. TikTok will continue to remain a place where everyone can easily express themselves in the most creative way. ” TikTok says in a statement on the subject. “We will continue to improve our policies, work closely with regulatory and security experts, and invest in our technology and teams to ensure this continues.”


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