TikTok Says It Will Sue US President Trump Administration


TikTok, which has recently been subjected to a serious embargo in the USA, stated that it will sue this decision. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, stated that the necessary documents will be submitted to court as of Monday.

TikTok, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, was subjected to a serious embargo in the USA due to national security concerns, and the application was given a 45-day period to stop its activities in the USA. This put pressure on TikTok to sell its operations in the US to a US name.

TikTok made a statement stating that after these decisions, he will take the business to the court. In the statement made, it was stated that “the law is not ignored and we have no choice but to take the US administration in the judicial branch in order to prove that our company and our users have fair rights.”

Transactions will start on Monday

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, stated that the files related to the case will be prepared on Monday, and that the management’s concerns are unfounded and that they have been struggling to provide a constructive solution for over a year.

The platform, where hundreds of videos can be found, from dance videos to short ‘how-to’ videos, from specific challenges to funny videos, has been downloaded 175 million times in the United States and has more than 1 billion downloads worldwide.

While the US thinks that such a large application transfers user data to China, its national security is in danger, TikTok stated that the data was never transferred to the Chinese government and Beijing claimed that this decision was only political.

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CIA found no evidence

In addition to all these concerns, the CIA, one of the first names to come to mind when it comes to the national security of the United States, announced that there was no evidence that TikTok leaked data to the Chinese government during its investigation. With the emergence of this information, many people repeated that the decision taken by US President Trump was only political.

It is also known that there is an uncontrolled lack of control in TikTok’s platform when data leakage is put aside. TikTok, which controls the content on the platform much more strictly nowadays, has come up with many dangerous contents published on its platform before, and some people died while trying these contents or trying to shoot new content.

So, do you think Trump’s decisions on TikTok are logical and supported, or, as has been said, are only political motivations behind Donald Trump’s move? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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