TikTok Releases Artificial Intelligence Software For Sale


TikTok has launched its artificial intelligence software. The artificial intelligence algorithm of the popular social media application TikTok is on sale. The algorithm sold by ByteDance gives users recommendations based on the content they like.

TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world in recent years, has come to the fore with the ban of 7 million accounts in the past few days. Stating that all of these accounts belong to children under the age of 13, TikTok had previously paid $ 5.7 million in compensation for violating the safety of children.

Despite all these events, ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, started to sell the artificial intelligence algorithm used on the TikTok platform to other companies. The main purpose of this artificial intelligence was to recommend different content to users based on the content they liked.

Artificial intelligence algorithm is on sale

The artificial intelligence algorithm used in the TikTok application is a system that has contributed greatly to TikTok’s popularity. This algorithm recommends new content and profiles to users based on the content they like and comment on, and can also offer you content based on which device you use, language preferences on your device, and your location.

According to the report prepared by the Financial Times, ByteDance has currently sold this artificial intelligence algorithm to several companies. The companies that purchased this algorithm are the US-based fashion app Goat, the Singapore-based travel site WeGo, the Indonesian-based shopping app Chilibeli and the Indian-based social game platform GamesApp.

Artificial intelligence sold by BytePlus

Beijing-based company ByteDance has created a special division within the company called BytePlus to sell this artificial intelligence system. According to the information on the company’s website, BytePlus allows you to edit this artificial intelligence algorithm as you wish. Special video effects, data analysis tools and speech transcribing software are also sold by BytePlus.

In the past years, the pressure on ByteDance and TikTok has increased. Especially at the time when China-based companies were targeted by former US President Donald Trump, the issue of banning TikTok in the USA was frequently on the agenda. But despite pressure from the Trump administration, TikTok surpassed 100 million monthly active users in the US last year.


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