TikTok Real Estate Agent Goes Viral By Responding To Customer’s “Sloppy” Message


A real estate agent has been praised on TikTok after sharing a hilarious response to a customer’s inappropriate text message.

Australian real estate firm Create Real Estate shared a screenshot of messages received from someone who wants to rent a property on a social media app.

A customer named “John” said: “I saw your profile on the website realestate.com . I was wondering if you could help me find a place to live. I’m looking for a three or two bedroom house in Sunshine.”

The female agent replied: “Hi John, I have several properties available. Do you want to arrange a meeting for further discussion?”

That’s when the man replied with a “sloppy” message that read: “No thanks, please send the addresses of the open days you will attend so I can see you [smiley face with a wink].”

John’s message prompted Agent Mieku to send him a routine voice message. “Hi, John, it’s Micah. Yes, we have a couple of discoveries that you can visit, I will send the addresses,” she began.

“It’s just… Oh my God…” she continued in a voice note before the sounds of screeching and crashing cars were interrupted for 20 seconds.

The firm captioned the TikTok video: “How to stop sloppy guys from Texting You Again.”

Viewers in the comments were hysterical, as they praised Mieka for how she handled the client’s message.

“It made me laugh a lot more than I should have, HAHAHA,” one of them wrote. “If the next girl I’m shooting with doesn’t go that far, then I don’t want her,” another added.

Others asked for updates as they wanted to see the guy’s response to her voice memo.

“Of course he answered [laughing face emoji],” one person commented, before asking for “Part 2 and a selection of creepy guys.”

At the time of writing, the business page has gained 1.2 million likes on TikTok. He shares a series of funny videos with employees and offers a look at their working life.


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