TikTok Presents Flaw That Zeroes Followers on Monday (03)


TikTok: [Original]: TikTok went down, on Monday afternoon (03), due to technical instability. Among the main problems reported by users is zeroing the number of followers.

According to Down Detector, the number of complaints started to rise around 4:40 pm (Brasília time) and peaked around 5:40 pm. The main problems reported were: difficulties watching videos, logging in and uploading content.

According to the Down Detector’s fault map, the reports were made mainly from the state of São Paulo, in Brazil. In other countries in the region, complaints came from Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.

A lot of people used Twitter to talk about the situation. Users were frightened because they found that the number of followers had jumped to zero.

The widespread problem affected several profiles of celebrities on social networks. Anitta, Instituto Neymar and youtuber Felipe Neto saw their followers drop to zero because of the problem.

So far, TikTok has not taken a position on the problem and because of that, the reason for the bug is still unknown. People from all over the world complained about the situation on other social networks.

[Updated]: The TikTok support account published, around 6:20 pm, that it was “aware of the error” and that it was working to resolve the issue.

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