TikTok Prepares Lives And Special Content For ENEM


The TikTok social network has set up a schedule to help users who will participate in the National High School Exam (Enem) in 2021, which takes place between November 21st and 28th. In addition to creating a space dedicated to education, the platform will hold a series of lives with relevant themes that may be included in the test’s writing.

The “hub” dedicated to Enem 2021 includes content from creators and educators on the social network with basic information about the test, tips for creating a study routine, videos with material summaries and help in solving questions. You can also access the hashtag #TokDoEnem with trivia, tips, quick lessons and even funny stories about the exam, which can guarantee a place at a university for next year.

More educational content can be found with the hashtags # AgoraVocêSabe and #AprendaNoTikTok.


In addition to the special content, TikTok has set up a schedule with live broadcasts that include discussions about topics that might fall into the newsroom, as well as advice on keeping calm (including meditation practices) and focused during the test and also taking care of financial education. before and during university life.

11/1 (18 hours) – Tips to hit the newsroom, with @brasilescola
11/02 (18 hours) – Series and films to inspire your argumentation, with @escrisemprebem and @pedromaatoss
11/3 (18 hours) – Measures to end violence in Brazil, with @professorachaianyfarias
11/04 (18 hours) – Financial education, with @lumaeponto
11/5 (18 hours) – The importance of reading in childhood, with @redacaonline, prof. Juli Motta
06/11 (18 hours) – “Distance Learning” and “Evasion School”, with @simoneporfiria