TikTok Plans To Bring Job And Employee Seekers Together


TikTok: The first thing that comes to mind is dance videos or really impressive short videos. However, there are also some users who share career advice on the platform, and according to a new claim, it may soon be possible to seek a job, apply or find candidates for TikTok.

According to the news of Axios, the tests of the recruitment tool prepared for the platform have started. With this tool, users will be able to view job postings or check whether there is a suitable position in the companies they follow. Companies and human resources experts will be able to reach candidates through this platform.

There is no statement from TikTok yet. However, it is stated that the feature will not be integrated into TikTok home page and job postings will be shared on a separate page. Most of the postings posted on this platform are expected to be entry-level position postings. It is also among the talks that users can share their resumes as videos here.

Considering how much time young people spend on TikTok, choosing TikTok seems like a logical choice to reach young people looking for a job. However, sometimes social media posts can prevent people from being recruited or cause them to be fired. This is why it would make sense to think twice to use the TikTok recruitment platform.


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