TikTok Phenomenon Allegedly Killed During Live Broadcast


Lamu’s death, one of China’s most popular TikTok phenomena, drowned Chinese TikTok users. Moreover, the allegations about this death were blood-chilling. Lamu was allegedly killed when her ex-husband poured gasoline and burned it during a live broadcast.

A phenomenon named Lamu, one of the popular faces of Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, died on September 30. The cause of death of the 30-year-old creator, allegedly, was his ex-wife. According to the information obtained, the former wife of the unfortunate woman poured gasoline on the young woman and burned it during a live broadcast. The work done by the doctors for 2 weeks was not enough to save the life of the woman whose 90 percent of her body burned.

The Douyin phenomenon, which lived in the state of Sichuan, was the mother of two children. Lamu, who got divorced due to the problems he had with his ex-wife, was living with his children. However, the woman, who had to make peace after her ex-husband threatened to kill her children, sadly died.

The incident has not been fully verified for now. However, according to local media reports, what happened to the unfortunate content producer happened during a live broadcast. Some Douyin users who watched the broadcast report that the screen went black shortly after the live stream started and that nobody understood anything.

The death of the unfortunate phenomenon has become China’s number one agenda. Especially Weibo, China’s official social media platform, is currently overflowing with Lamu-related content. In fact, around 70 million shares have been made under a subject tag created for him. Meanwhile, the ex-wife, who is Lamu’s murder suspect, has been detained since September 30. Authorities announced that the investigation into the incident continues.

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