TikTok Opens Delivery For Recipes That Are Booming On The Social Network


TikTok: Do you know that recipe that TikTok keeps showing you? Soon, at least in some locations, it will be possible to order this dish via the app without having to turn on the oven or dirty the dishes.

This is possible with the partnership announced with Virtual Dining Concepts, a gastronomy company that organizes events or launches personalized dishes. The alliance with TikTok starts in March and will initially be restricted to the United States, but it already shows how the platform is keeping an eye on the most popular contents circulating there.

Only the hits

In all, 300 “ghost kitchens” will be spread across the country at the launch, that is, structures without tables and only with delivery. The goal is more daring: open a thousand places to trade popular recipes from the social network.

Before the start of operations, the menu already had some dishes confirmed: the macaroni and feta cheese in the oven, which was the most sought after recipe of 2021 in the US, a hamburger pressed with corn chips and a fried dough topped with cheese. Prices have not yet been released.

The idea is for revenues to change every quarter, following community trends. The revenue generated goes both to the dish’s creators and other culinary influencers.