TikTok Live Studio Violates OBS Licensing Rules


TikTok Live Studio, the new game streaming platform from the social network TikTok, will have its own program for transmissions. However, the software is supposedly using the same source code as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), changing only the user interface.

With this, the team behind the OBS software will be able to legally trigger TikTok If Live Studio does not meet the licensing terms. However, Ben Torell, one of the project’s members, responded to a post that showed part of the code for TikTok’s broadcast program, stating that the company is always willing to deal amicably with violations of licensing rules.

Open source is not a mess

Being an open source program does not necessarily mean that anyone can use the code indiscriminately. According to general licensing agreements, the source code of the new platform, even if modified, must remain open.

Also according to Torell, OBS is also open to working in partnership in the development of Live Studio, as long as TikTok regularizes these issues.