TikTok launches its new music filters


TikTok doesn’t slow down. More and more users are signing up to the social network in search of fast content that will entertain them for a few seconds. Content creators don’t stop at work either, and now the company gives them new tools. Specifically, we are talking about the arrival of the new music filters that TikTok will integrate soon.

New music filters for TikTok

Challenges, dances, advice of all kinds … this and many other things you will find in the fashion social network. And it is that the Chinese social network lived its great apogee last year, although it still continues to reap successes among all types of public. The number of users who use music in their videos and who interact with it is especially striking. These will be the ones that take full advantage of the new musical filters that the firm will launch little by little.

In total, there are six TikTok news, but at the moment there is only one in operation. This is called Music Visualizer, which works based on the music that users use. Some have already put it into practice and in essence it is a purple background with polygons that are generated based on the chosen song. As we mentioned, this is available worldwide and is activated from the music function while you make the video.

The other effects to come

As we told you, there are six new music filters for TikTok. We have already presented you with one of them, but we still have another five pending. Some of you can take a look now and the one that stands out the most is Time Machine. This allows you to customize the music that sounds with some sounds that the firm makes available to you. The rest of the elements such as Mirror or Solid Beats add a new background and modify the color of the image depending on the song, although you also have Delayed Beats that what they do is stop the image and create small clips depending on the audio track .

As we mentioned, these five will take a little longer to arrive, but we are talking about a few weeks so their arrival is imminent.


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