TikTok Launches 2020 Customized Retrospective for Users


TikTok now has its own personalized annual retrospective. Launched on Monday (21), the tool recalls some of the most remarkable moments of the year 2020 for each user.

Entitled “Year on TikTok”, the novelty includes information such as the types of videos most viewed by the profile, favorite tracks and the most liked effects, among other details. The feature also provides data such as how often you commented and shared content and how long you’ve been on the platform.

The tool is also able to identify your favorite “vibrations”. In this case, content is displayed based on the most liked post styles by the user, be it videos of animals, crafts, travel, cooking or any of the numerous service communities.

And for users new to TikTok, who didn’t have enough time to develop their own memory record, the social network will complete the individual retrospective with some of the videos included in the app’s Top 100 in 2020.

How to view your 2020 retrospective

The 2020 retrospective of TikTok can be accessed from the icon that appears highlighted in the “For You” feed and also through the special banner available at the top of the “Discover” page. According to the company, it is necessary to have the updated version of the app on Android and iOS to view the tool.

The user has the possibility to share his retrospective on his own profile, showing his contacts the summary of the year. For those who do, the social video network will give a special “2021” stamp to add to the profile photo and prepare for the arrival of the new year.

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In addition to the user’s favorite content, the tool also displays the highlights of TikTok in 2020, such as the main memes, creators, celebrities and holiday trends.


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