TikTok is Sued in the European Union for Ads for Children


TikTok: The European Commission announced on Friday (28) the opening of a case against TikTok, motivated by the alleged use of disguised commercial ads that target children. According to the organization, the video app violated the block’s laws by not protecting children from this type of content.

In the lawsuit, opened after complaints from consumer groups in the European Union, the platform belonging to the Chinese company ByteDance is urged to review its commercial practices and terms of use. In case of non-compliance with the agreed measures, the app would be subject to sanctions, including the imposition of fines.

According to European justice commissioner Didier Reynders, continued access to the internet, triggered by the covid-19 pandemic, has left vulnerable audiences even more exposed. “In the European Union, it is prohibited to target children and minors with disguised advertising, such as video banners,” recalled the official.

With the beginning of formal dialogues between the entity and the company, the app now has a month to comment. By the end of this period, the platform will have to say whether or not it agrees to adapt to the legislation of the bloc of countries in relation to consumer protection.

What does TikTok say?

TikTok released a note saying it has already taken steps to protect younger users on the platform. Among the actions reported, the company says it has placed the accounts of all minors under 16 in private mode, disabling their access to direct messages.

The changes also included the ban on buying, sending and receiving virtual gifts for those under 18 years old. There are also stricter policies in relation to advertising aimed at young people, according to ByteDance.

Leading the negotiations, the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Irish Consumer Protection Commission continue to discuss the process with the company.


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