TikTok is on the agenda this time with security weaknesses


TikTok, which is in trouble with countries such as the USA and India, came to the fore with a security weakness this time. The user, who discovered an important weakness in user security as a result of the trials, reported the situation to TikTok officials.

TikTok is on the agenda with its security vulnerability

It turned out that TikTok, which companies have been competing with each other to buy, could not protect its users sufficiently due to its security weakness. A statement was made by the company spokesperson regarding the current security weakness.

TikTok güvenlik zafiyeti ile gündeme geldi

The company announced its multi-factor authentication (MFA) system. This feature makes it difficult for users to log in even if their passwords are compromised by malicious people. However, one user discovered that this feature is not active on the web version.

When you want to access TikTok through the website, you can log in without the need for multi-factor authentication feature. This shows that your accounts are not secure enough. TikTok spokesperson made a statement about this situation, ”We plan to activate this feature for the web version as soon as possible. The safety of our users is of great importance to us. ”Used expressions.

Since the web version of TikTok has limited features, malicious people will not be able to change the passwords of users who have access to their account. However, this does not constitute any obstacle for those who want to use this account in different ways or to commit fraud.

When the TikTok account is accessed via the website, there is no login information in the application, which means users will not notice they have been hacked. It is not yet known when the company will solve these problems.


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