TikTok is going to change its privacy rules


Popular social media application TikTok continues to increase the number of users every day and to spread rapidly, especially among young people. As a result of this situation, TikTok takes a new step and aims to make the accounts of its young users more special.

TikTok sets strict privacy rules for its teen users

Explaining its new privacy rules for users under the age of 18, TikTok adopts a strict understanding. With the new arrangement, the accounts of TikTok users between the ages of 13-15 will remain hidden by default.

This means that private profiles will not be accessible to anyone who is not explicitly approved. Also, users in this age group will not be able to use the “Everyone” comment setting. He will have to choose between “Friends” or “Nobody”. In addition, the “Recommend your account to others” setting will remain off by default.

In addition, with the new privacy rules, only users aged 16 and over will be able to actively use Duet and Stitch options. Finally, users will only be able to download videos created by people aged 16 and over.

TikTok evaluates their renewed privacy rules as follows; “We want our younger users to be able to make informed choices about what they choose to share and with whom, including whether they want to open their accounts to public viewing. She wants them to make more informed decisions about their privacy online by interacting with them early in their privacy journey.

How do you evaluate this measure taken by the popular social media application TikTok to protect children?


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