TikTok influencers cause panic in Matrix theory


TikTok has become the home of several fads and more recently the Simulation Hypothesis has become the center of attention. This theory became popular through the philosopher Nick Bostrom and shortly thereafter by the film Matrix.

She talks about the possibility of living in a simulation and has been around for decades, but it is nothing more than speculation so far and has now gained prominence through popular TikTok influencers like Nikki Jain, who has 250,000 followers.

We are basically living within a video game. Honestly, it makes sense if you think about how realistic video games are getting every day; and how all the little flaws you see in the world that are inexplicable would make sense behind this theory.

To give you an idea, one of the hashtags that talk about the theory has already accumulated over 624 million views through videos from famous creators.

The big problem is that they say with certainty that we live in a simulation and this has caused panic in some users of the application, after all they claim that everything is controlled by a much more advanced being or civilization.

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