TikTok: How to Create Your Video – 2020 Year Overview


2020 is not going to be a year we want to remember, honestly. But we are in the last days of the year, and it is time to review. All services and social networks have their own ‘Top’, summaries and montages. And they have been joined by TikTok, which has not wanted to be less than others such as Instagram or Spotify and already has its own summary of the year option for its users.


If you are a user of the application, you can now use its new feature, “Year on TikTok”: a special summary in video format that shows your best TikTok moments, and that includes things like how long you have been with your account on the app, the type of videos you have watched the most, your favorite tracks and creative effects, the frequency with which you have uploaded comments, shared videos, and other statistics.

The function will also identify your favorite “Vibes”, the type of videos you like the most – craft, cooking, animals, travel, Cottagecore – or any of the many communities that have emerged on the social video platform.

If users haven’t been on TikTok long enough to have developed their own vibe, the app will show you other important “Year on TikTok” videos: Top 100 “in your ‘#Yearontiktok’ instead, the general compilation who has premiered TikTok before with the 2020 highlights.

How do you get that video? Thus:

Open TikTok on mobile
Hit the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to open the current trends
You will see a banner appear with the invitation for you to create your ‘YearOnTikTok. Click on ‘See now’
The slideshow video will begin to be created and will be shown in a vertical ‘scroll’ that you can slide with your finger.
You will also have the opportunity to share that video directly to your own TikTok profile to receive a special profile badge that places a “2021” on top of your profile picture.


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