TikTok Has Banned Hasan Piker


The growing social media platform TikTok has blocked popular Twitch streamer Hassan Piker as a result of “celebrating” the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. Although he was busy attending events during the QTCinderella content creators meeting, Pyker was able to get a clip of him reacting to the news, which led to his aforementioned ban on TikTok.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II was a tragic event that was mourned by millions of people around the world on September 8, and this forced many content creators, as well as many other public figures, to make statements expressing condolences and grief over the loss. Her death came during a large QTCinderella content creation event, at which the sometimes controversial Twitch streamer Hassan Pyker competed in a paintball game with another broadcaster named Zoil. Two Twitch streamers were talking about the Queen’s back-and-forth, which prompted some questionable comments from Hassan Pyker, which led to his quick ban on TikTok.

Both Hassan Piper and his editor, known on Twitter as Ostonox, confirmed to their audience why he was removed from TikTok, saying it was from one of the clips filmed and uploaded during an event hosted by QTCinderella Twitch. In the video, Pyker confirmed that he would like to broadcast live his reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II with his audience, and not play paintball, because she is a “relic of the monarchy,” and when the news of her passing eventually came, he began to applaud. After more controversial comments about the historic event, Pyker pretended to smoke by saying “smoking the Queen’s pack,” which he suggested to Zoil, who said, “That’s my queen,” and looked worried.

By sharing a screenshot of his TikTok ban with a witty joke about the widely banned influencer Andrew Tate, Hassan Pyker notified his audience that he would not be on the platform for an undisclosed period of time. A screenshot of Hassan Piker’s lockout in TikTok prompted the previously blocked Twitch streamer to appeal against it or log out, but it is currently unclear whether the lockout was appealed, how long the appeal process will take and when he will be granted access. The popular streamer is still active on other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, so TikTok may be the only social network that disagrees with Hassan Piker’s comments about the queen.

While Twitch viewers took turns discussing the legality of Hassan Pyker’s ban on TikTok, others wondered why he was celebrating the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who receives tributes from others such as Rockstar Games. Time will tell when Hassan Pyker will be able to return to TikTok.


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