TikTok Has A Wave Of Fake News About Violence In Schools In The US


TikTok: The social network TikTok generated moments of tension last Friday (17) in schools in the United States. That’s because a series of rumors that started on the platform even caused the cancellation of classes in schools in several North American states.

According to CNN, it all started with a “disinformation wave” on TikTok, with the claim that several posts warning of a day of school violence on December 17 were published.

The videos allegedly alerted students and asked them to avoid attending schools, some even mentioned by name.

The US Department of Homeland Security claimed that there was no evidence that the messages were true. TikTok himself denied having encountered any such threat, just repercussions and people commenting on the news.

During the afternoon, the social network began deleting these high-profile posts, fearing that the content would lead to panic in schools or even result in real acts.

What is true in this story?

So far, there is no concrete explanation of what actually happened. Messages about a date with school violence across the country, a serious and chronic problem in the US, would have started as a challenge on the social network.

The platform also criticized the press vehicles that would have released the news without having seen such publications.