TikTok Hair Loss Trend: Does It Really Work?


A new viral called “show hair” has appeared on TikTok. If you want your hair to look like this, we can say that you should not forget to apply oil to your hair before going to bed and put it in a sock before going to sleep.

The biggest reason for the viral to come out was because the gorgeous hair was visible, tested by someone who was amazed by the results.

If you’ve been on TikTok for the past few months, you’ve likely seen someone talking about “sagging skin,” a Korean skincare technique that promises to leave you with glowing and dewy skin. Simply put, hair loss entails adding a treatment to your nightly hair care routine and then applying something over your hair to protect it while you sleep.

First, we learned about hair loss while watching a video of TikTok user Monique Rapier putting her in a soft sock overnight before applying a light oil to her hair. The sock is said to help lock in moisture as well as prevent nighttime chafing and damage. It seems that many TikTok users are saying that it has made their hair shinier than ever before. So what does this routine include, we will now examine it together.

The first method is to rub the oil on your ends, wrap your hair in a fluffy sock, secure it with a hairpin and sleep through the night without taking off the socks. The second method is to apply a thicker oil from the roots to the ends and then apply a hair mask. Then wrap your hair in a sock and curl it. Rinse when you wake up.

Using a light oil is a better choice if you are not going to take a shower right away. Just apply it to the ends of your hair. To start the routine, comb the hair and put the hair oil on your hands. (Pro tip: Rub your hair between your palms and fingers as if it were a lotion.) Then comb through your hair with your fingers. This allows you to distribute the oil evenly, rather than keeping clumps of fluid in just one or two sections.)

After applying the oil to the ends of the hair, divide the hair into two. To see if conditioning works, leave half your hair open. Wrap it up with a furry sock. Wrap it up with a different sock every night. You will find that your hair is noticeably brighter.

This tip is best for people with extremely dry, damaged or thick, frizzy hair. For most hair types, applying a light oil only to the ends of your hair will suffice; however, scrubbing your hair with heavy oils and hair masks may not be ideal for those with fine hair, as excess product can weigh down the hair if you don’t rinse it off the next day.We also share the relevant video with you.

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