TikTok Goes Viral Due to Chris Pine Responding to Hugh Grant Saying He Was Married to Daniel Craig


Minor SPOILERS for Glass Onion, which is now streaming on a Netflix subscription, are ahead!

Did you hear that? Hugh Grant plays one of the many roles in The Glass Onion, but his role is special. The Notting Hill actor was briefly featured as Benoit Blanc’s partner Daniel Craig in the sequel to Get Knives. Of course, it was an incredibly short scene, but the fans reacted best to the fact that Grant and Craig were together in the detective. And when Grant recently talked about the cameo, Chris Pine’s reaction went viral on TikTok.

Hugh Grant and Chris Pine are going to play together in the 2023 film “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves,” and they recently gave an interview to Collider at the Brazilian Comic Con. When Grant was asked about the glass onion moment, Grant said, “It’s true, I’m married to James Bond,” but it was Chris Pine’s response that got people talking. Let’s take a look:


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In a short excerpt from the interview, Pine replies, “Oh, hell, I didn’t know that,” which is very sweet for an actor. As a TikTok user commented, he is “completely convinced” that the Star Trek actor took Grant “100 percent seriously” and believes that these two actors are married in real life.

It’s a funny moment when even fans thought Chris Pine “googled it later” and even looked at Grant’s hand to see the ring. However, the clip is only six seconds from a much longer conversation about the “Glass Onion” cameo. If you watch the video in full, the interviewer will first formulate the question by asking what it’s like to be married to Benoit Blanc before Grant is sure the movie is out and he can talk about it. In any case, Pine’s reaction to “I’m married to James Bond” is amazing, she just reacts to a carelessly thrown spoiler and, of course, is a little confused by all this, since by that time “Glass Onion” was in theaters for only a week. and they were hanging out in Brazil.

What you don’t see in TikTok is that Pine later asks if he is mentioned in the film, and Grant admits that he has yet to see Benoit Blanc’s final riddle. When Pine seemed a little upset about the spoiler disclosure, Grant clarifies to Pine that this is the “tiniest moment” in The Glass Onion, and he didn’t really know “why they wanted to do it,” but he was a fan of Knives. Went out and appeared on set for a few hours for a scene.

This moment certainly makes us want to see more of Hugh Grant in the Get Knives movies and maybe even Chris Pine in the detective franchise. You can dream. We can definitely look forward to Chris Pine and Hugh Grant in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which hits theaters on March 31. In the meantime, you can watch the Dungeons and Dragons trailer here on CinemaBlend.


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