TikTok Funkams of The CEO of The Zi Chew Show Went Viral After a Speech at The Congress


When TikTok CEO Shaw Zi Chew appeared before Congress to testify about how the company handles user data, he probably didn’t expect to be the latest trend in his own app.

But Chew showed such a strong performance at the hearing that he was given the highest honor that an amateur video editor can give to anyone: funk.


Chew has become the focus of several viral TikToks that show highlights of his speeches at congressional hearings, as well as a selection of other videos he posted before talking to politicians.

Chew received widespread support from users on both TikTok and Twitter, who found his treatment during the five-hour testimony unfair and deliberately malicious.

Several members of Congress seemed unfamiliar with the basic mechanics of TikTok’s business model, and one particularly strange encounter was whether TikTok could connect to home Wi-Fi.

One user compared Chew’s work to that of Mark Zuckerberg, who participated in a similar data management talk a few years ago.



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