TikTok Fans Rush to Sign a Petition on The Website change.org to Prevent The US Ban


TikTok fans rush to sign a petition on the website change.org , calling on the US government not to ban the popular short video app.

Over the past few years, government officials in the United States have advocated banning the popular TikTok video application for national security reasons related to its ties with China.

The CEO of the Show, Zi Chew, visited the U.S. on March 24, 2023 for a hearing before members of the U.S. Congress to answer questions about the app as they decide whether to impose a nationwide ban.

Now more than 27 thousand people have signed a petition on the website change.org to force the government to reconsider banning the popular app.

TikTok petition on Change.org signed more than 27 thousand times

A petition aptly titled “Save TikTok” is addressed to US government officials considering a nationwide ban.

The description says: “There is talk in the United States about banning the TikTok social media platform due to tensions between the United States and China, as well as potential security threats. We cannot ban this app, not because it is impossible, but because many people depend on it financially.

“This app has helped musicians, photographers, dancers, etc. to start a career. Although this app is mainly used as an entertainment source, many legitimate businesses have benefited from this platform.”

The petition has been signed almost 28,000 times, and thousands of people have left their thoughts in the comments.

“Tik Tok taught me more in 6 months than 34 years of life!” One person replied.

Another fan commented, “Tiktok has helped me meet the most wonderful subscribers and the most wonderful music artists who sing really well here.”

“Tiktok is the best app for communicating and meeting new people. It also helps me cope with depression that I see so much real, unfiltered content of other people experiencing the same thing,” said another.

It is unknown what will happen to TikTok in the coming weeks, but fans of the app have made it clear that they do not want it to disappear.


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