TikTok ‘Family Safety Mode’ Gives Parents App Control


One of the most popular video sharing apps of recent times, TikTok has begun to offer a new “family safety mode” designed for parents to gain tighter control over teens’ cell phone habits. The new mode, which will allow parents to associate their TikTok accounts with their children and to turn features on and off remotely, has been welcomed.

This new feature, which is available to families, includes a ‘restricted mode’ that allows filtering inappropriate content and turning off messaging. Despite the fact that TikTok is known to be using many applications despite the age limit of 13, such a precaution is taken. The basis for the claim is that according to a recent survey by the UK media organizer Ofcom, TikTok was revealed to have been used by 13% of children aged 12-15 in 2019.

What exactly does the new feature do?
Parents who have their own TikTok account or create an account for this purpose can link their accounts to their child’s accounts to gain direct control over their security settings. For this, adults need to open the application on both phones, go to the ‘digital welfare’ settings and determine which phone belongs to them and which phone belongs to their children.

Scanning QR code from one phone to another connects accounts and allows parents to control certain features. In this way, parents can control the filtering of inappropriate content by turning notifications and screen time on and off. Let’s add that these security features have actually been on the TikTok platform for some time, but need to be manually set in the user’s account and locked with a password that needs to be reset every 30 days. So, it was not easy for parents to use this feature in the past.

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Stephen Balkam, of the Family Online Security Institute, of which TikTok is a member, says that parents who have their own TikTok account can have good control in the statement. According to Balkam, the most important of good digital parenting steps is to take care of children, always be online and create something together.

The new feature is expected to be first available in the UK. What do you think about such restrictions nowadays, when mobile applications have become extremely accessible? You can write your ideas to us in the comments section.


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