TikTok expands videos to resumes on new job site


Tiktok has been testing new functions and tools to meet the demands of its audience. The social network released this week a new platform to help hire users: Tiktok Resumes.

The service consists of a website, separate from the application, where companies can advertise vacancies and applicants can apply by sending resumes in video format. Users are still encouraged to post their resumes on the network profile using the hashtag “#tiktokresumes” to help spread the word.

According to an article in the Washignton Post, the platform identified a trend of publications with tips for interviews, putting together résumés, among other subjects related to behavior and careers, using the hashtag “#careeradvice”, or career advice, in free translation.

Thus, TikTok decided to invest in a safer and more organized way to assist in hiring. The webpage already has vacancies from large companies and appears to work very well, despite the hashtag being made available for spam.

Possible problems

Eric Sydell, executive vice president of innovation at the Modern Hire talent selection platform, said in an interview with Fast Company that video resumes can bring some limitations and potential issues around diversity. He points out that the more dynamic and visual format is great for those who are already used to it, but it can be a bad experience for those who don’t have the same practice.

He also emphasizes that hiring tools and methods need to be very efficient and provide fairness, as people with personality, good resourcefulness or funnier on video tend to be more successful in getting attention, but not necessarily perform better in the job. .


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