TikTok Deletes More Than 500,000 Underage Accounts in Italy


TikTok: Chinese social network TikTok removed approximately 540,000 profiles of Italian users from the platform. The reason is a request made by a national data authority, which asked users under the age of 16 to block the platform.

In early 2021, as an initial step, TikTok asked users located in Italy to confirm their age. Altogether, about 400 thousand profiles who declared to be under 16 years old, while another 140 thousand were under 13 years old.

The campaign in Italy against children’s access to the service began in January 2021, when a 10-year-old girl died while participating in a dangerous “challenge” that circulated in the tool.

A lot of work ahead

In addition, TikTok will take other measures to prevent children from accessing the tool, including artificial intelligence functions to help identify users who are not complying with age rules. In addition, at the beginning of the year he determined that children under the age of 16 would have accounts considered to be private.

The social network commented to the TechCrunch website that it is also testing a way to allow users who are still under age, but above or equal to 13 years of age, to use the service normally. For that, however, he will have to adopt more measures of moderation and data protection.


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