TikTok Copied Instagram’s Profile Page


TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms of recent times, has started testing a new feature. The tested feature will bring an exact copy of Instagram’s profile page to TikTok. It is currently unknown when TikTok’s new profile page design will be available.

TikTok is a platform similar to YouTube and Instagram. Users take short 15-second videos and try to be popular by uploading the videos they take on the platform. Also, videos shot for TikTok are shared frequently on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

It is an indisputable fact that there is a serious conflict between TikTok and Instagram. So much so that Instagram, sometimes TikTok brings various features of its competitor to its application. Now, this has happened again, and TikTok has started testing Instagram’s profile page design in its own app.

The new profile page that TikTok is working on has been created by Taylor Lorenz, a member of the New York Times. TikTok officials, who had to make a statement after this news, confirmed that they were working on a new profile page. In the statements made, it was emphasized that we are constantly working to maximize the user experience.

TikTok’s new profile page / current profile page
TikTok officials have not announced when the new profile page design will be available to users. However, since the feature in question has been tested, we can say that users will not wait for a very long time. Of course, after this decision, those who want to switch to TikTok can get information from our content here on how to delete their Instagram accounts.

TikTok’s last attempt seems to increase the friction with Instagram a bit more. Because the two platforms have been copying each other’s features for a long time. We will wait and see how Instagram will respond to TikTok’s aggressive move.


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