TikTok confirms Trump administration lawsuit


After announced by lawyers, now it was the turn for the TikTok app itself to confirm the opening of a lawsuit against the United States government, following the banning order given by President Donald Trump in the country.

The video platform was blocked in the United States due to accusations by the chief executive about spying for China. The company stressed that it completely disagrees with the US government’s view.

The company further argues that Trump’s national security complaints are without merit, as the app would take steps to protect the privacy and security of users’ data in the country. She also points out that one of these attitudes is precisely to store information outside of China – in the United States and Singapore – in order to raise software barriers.

“We strongly disagree with the government’s position that TikTok is a threat to national security. Today we are filing a lawsuit in a federal court against the government’s efforts to ban TikTok in the United States. ”


Finally, TikTok still claims that the United States has made no serious effort to gather evidence of what it accused, and has not given the company the ability to defend itself against what has been presented against it.

One of the exits contemplated in recent weeks was a possible purchase by another American technology giant – Microsoft and Oracle have even shown interest. But the company appears to be willing to go all the way in the legal fight, without needing to change its command.

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