TikTok Challenge Goes Viral : Seizure Challenge

Once more questionable test has circulated around the web on the online networking stage TikTok authored the Seizure Challenge. Clients taking part in the test are seen professing to have a seizure before breaking out into move.

The test has accumulated a ton of contention online for being coldhearted toward the individuals who have encountered seizures, have epilepsy or have had a friend or family amazing of a seizure.

TikTok client Diego Martir got a great deal of reaction in the wake of making the accompanying Seizure Challenge video:


♬ something traumatic – courtneyleehewitt

The video begins with Martir’s better half, Lauren Kettering, apparently crying and looking crushed. The inscription on the screen peruses, “Diego simply had a seizure and died… I’m heartbroken that I need to let you know folks like this.” The video at that point slices to Martir who is cleaning the floor while twerking and professing to have a seizure.

A few Users Are Upset With Martir and Others Defend the TikTok User

At the hour of this composition, Martir’s video has 1.9 million perspectives, more than 500,000 preferences and just about 10,000 remarks. The remarks have been blended, with some shielding Martir for making the video, and some annoyed with the TikTok star.

Somebody remarked, “folks I get it’s not something to kid about but rather advise that to the individual who began this pattern. try not to come at Diego.” Another stated, “Regardless of whether it is a pattern it’s not amusing. Heaps of individuals have kicked the bucket by seizures and your creation a joke out of it saying it’s a pattern.”

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Another TikTok client remarked, “This is nothing to kid about [whether] it was a pattern or not.” Someone stated, “That is not interesting individuals really have relatives that have had seizures and died it is anything but a joke.”

A few clients didn’t discover Martir’s TikTok video a serious deal. One stated, “bruh you all are going overboard it’s a TREND CHILL.” Another stated, “it’s miserable how individuals do something very similar others do however get various responses.”

Another client stated, “folks I get it’s not something to kid about but rather advise that to the individual who began this pattern. try not to come at Diego.”

In the remark area, Martir stated, “I didn’t intend to make anybody upset, im sorry, im saying ‘im’ sorry on the grounds that it was my thought, I didn’t respect it :/.”

The Seizure Challenge Trend Went Viral Last Fall

As per Too Fab, the Seizure Challenge initially became famous online in the fall. The test was finished by numerous TikTok clients to an altered form of the late rapper Juice WRLD’s tune, “Clear Dreams.” Juice WRLD passed on in December because of a seizure.



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