TikTok CEO resigns due to political environment


Former Disney executive Kevin Mayer was recently hired as CEO of TikTok. However, Mayer’s TikTok adventure did not last long. Mayer, who sent a message to the company employees, announced that he was leaving the job; He also gave information about the reasons for his decision.

Drawing attention to the sharp change in the political environment, Mayer stated that he is trying to take steps in line with the institutional structural changes in this process. Mayer expressed that he decided to leave TikTok at the end of this difficult period.

In the statement made by TikTok, the change in political dynamics in the last few months was emphasized. The company stated that the shifting balances also affected Mayer’s role. It is not known whether Mayer, who works as the COO (chief of operations) at TikTok’s roof company ByteDance, will continue this duty.

TikTok is currently being forced by US President Donald Trump to sell its US arm to an American company. If this sale does not take place, the social network will be banned in the country due to the presidential decree signed by Trump. Microsoft and Oracle are leading companies interested in TikTok’s US operation. A possible sale will include TikTok’s Canada, Australia and New Zealand operations.

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