TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer steps down after three months


It only took three months for Kevin Mayer to become CEO of TikTok. Hired in May 2020, the executive announced internally on Thursday (27) that he is stepping down because of the current political pressure suffered by the platform.

In the past few weeks, while the political environment has changed radically, I have reflected significantly on what structural corporate changes are going to require, and what that means for the global role that I have agreed to participate in. (…) Against this background and while we hope to reach a resolution quickly, it is with regret that I would like to warn all of you that I decided to leave the company “, says the statement obtained by CNN.

Mayer’s arrival at the post was considered a surprise. After all, he was one of those responsible for Disney’s streaming services, including spearheading the launch and expansion of Disney +. At the time of signing, he was excited to explore the potential of TikTok in areas such as music and games.

Pressure cooker

The turbulent political environment cited by the now ex-CEO mainly involves the possible ban on TikTok in the United States. The country’s president, Donald Trump, signed an order banning social media negotiations with U.S. companies and set the deadline for mid-September 2020 to take effect.

In response, TikTok sued the US government. On the other hand, negotiations are underway to sell the American or global division of the social network – with Microsoft, Oracle and even Twitter as the main stakeholders.

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