TikTok Banned ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’, which is becoming increasingly dangerous


The Chinese video sharing application TikTok has banned the new challenge trend called “skull breaker”, which is spreading among young users and causing serious injuries.

The video sharing platform TikTok, which has a tremendous popularity especially among the Z generation, felt the need to warn users about the increasing spread of a new challenge called “Skullbreaker”.

In the challenge trend, which became viral in a short time and became popular especially among the users in the USA, three people jump side by side, and the ones trying to drop the ground into the middle person. The person who fell uncontrollably, often hits his head on the ground. As a matter of fact, this is exactly the reason why the current is called ‘skrull breaker’. It is reported that two children in the US state of New Jersey and one child in the UK are seriously injured by the current trend.

Worrying that users may be harmed, TikTok banned this increasingly dangerous trend from the platform. The Chinese company, which warned that the move in question could cause serious injuries and that the end could end in the hospital, announced that the posts shared with the #skullbreakerchallenge tag will be removed. TikTok also started broadcasting a warning message for videos under the same tag.

Speaking to the Business Insider on the subject, a TikTok spokesperson said, “The safety and well-being of our users is the top priority at TikTok. As we have clearly stated, we will never allow content that encourages or praises dangerous currents that can lead to injury. ”

The Minister of Education, Ziya Selçuk, stated in his sharing on his personal Twitter account in the past weeks that the current trend spread rapidly among young people and stated that they made the necessary warnings to the schools on the subject. Emphasizing that this cannot be a game or a joke and may lead to dangerous consequences such as brain bleeding, Selçuk called on everyone to be careful.

‘Skull breaker’ challenge banned by TikTok


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