TikTok Announces New Bug Hunting Program


TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, announced that it has launched a new bug hunting program. The Chinese short video sharing platform has partnered with HackerOne for this program.

We have already mentioned to you that TikTok is blocked in Pakistan, after India. In addition, the Chinese company still has not been able to fully overcome its problems with the US administration. The company, struggling with these problems, also seems to have rolled up its sleeves for the real battlefield in the internet world.

The China-based short video sharing app has partnered with OpenSlate to secure branding and allow ads on its platform. The company has now announced that they have started their bug-hunting program partnership with HackerOne. This bug-hunting program is in addition to the existing vulnerability closing program.

Bug hunting program from TikTok

TikTok announced its new bug hunting program and its collaboration with HackerOne in its blog post. With this collaboration, the company will have information from top-tier security researchers, experts, academics and independent individuals who can detect errors and vulnerabilities. In addition, these individuals will receive awards from $ 50 to $ 15,000 depending on the severity and type of the vulnerability. TikTok will thus be able to better ensure application security.

Many tech companies are also working with security companies and launching bug hunting programs, just like TikTok. These programs enable people working in this field to catch and close different security vulnerabilities. Although companies have their own security teams, some hidden errors may not be caught.

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As we said above, TikTok has been banned in various countries and is also in a legal war in the USA. Finally, a court temporarily suspended the US administration’s decision to block the app from being downloaded from US app stores. According to the news in Digital Information World, such programs also help TikTok to improve its image.


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