TikTok And YouTube Were The Most Searched Apps of 2021


TikTok: A survey recently released by Cuponation revealed which apps were the most sought after so far in 2021. So far, TikTok is the most popular among the public.

The popular network for its short videos and dances occupied the first place of the most searched, being followed in sequence by Instagram and Facebook. The study also points out that, until 2019, the network software created by Mark Zuckerberg was the most popular, and possibly this scenario was changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When we look at the apps that users spend the most on, YouTube has been at the top of the chart this year – and much of that is due to YouTube Premium, which has advantages such as a streaming service with music for offline listening and ad-free viewing. Next, TikTok and Disney+ appear in second and third positions.

Finally, YouTube also took the lead among the most time-consuming apps on the part of users, closely followed by Facebook and WhatsApp, following. In fact, the study reveals that, in this regard, the top 3 has remained unchanged for four years.