TikTok accuses Facebook of trying to ban the US platform


In a statement released on Wednesday (29), TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer defended the activities promoted by the video platform, which is in danger of being banned in the United States, saying that it helps to promote competition. He also accused Facebook of being behind the attempt to ban the service.

In the publication, released before an antitrust hearing in the US Congress – which will be attended by executives from Facebook and other technology companies -, Mayer lists the great achievements of the Chinese app, which he said has become a place of discovery amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

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The executive also commented that a hypothetical departure from the US TikTok would leave advertisers in the American market with few options. In addition, he said he believed the platform has been most targeted by regulators due to its Chinese origins, even as the company strives to show commitment to the community and following local laws.

For him, the solution to the problems faced by the app lies in greater transparency, to be followed by all competitors in the technological area. “We believe that all companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies and data flow to regulators,” he revealed.

“Evil attacks”
Mark Zuckerberg’s social network was mentioned a few times throughout the statement from the TikTok CEO. In one of the excerpts, Mayer commented on the launch of Reels, a service integrated with Instagram, which he called “another imitator product”, which would be Facebook’s second attempt to defeat the Chinese service (the first was the Lasso app, already closed) .

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The executive also stated that the social network’s third attempt to eliminate competition appears “disguised as patriotism”, through “evil attacks” that try to end the platform’s presence in the USA.


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