Tiktoker Stirs Up Controversy By Walking a Girl on a Leash and Asking Strangers to Look at Her7


TikToker has faced some backlash after a viral stunt in which he asked strangers to watch his girlfriend on a leash while he walked into the store.

TikTok is home to all kinds of content, from educational videos to funny cat clips, but one new download is gaining momentum to divide the internet into quirky topics.

On November 19, the user sidequestz posted a video in which he asks complete strangers inside the building to watch his girlfriend, who is sitting on her lap like a dog.

In the end, after one man agreed to watch her and took up the leash, the girl said that her “master” does not let her talk. Eventually, when the man returned, he joked that she was a “salvation,” further comparing her to a dog.

In the comments, viewers were divided about the video: some found it funny, while others found it all at the same time strange and sexist.

TikTok is divided over a scandalous video with a woman on a leash

While many users expressed their dissatisfaction with the video, calling it “edible,” some found it disturbing that they were trying to involve strangers in this segment.

“Ugh. These other people don’t agree to participate in your play,” someone remarked.

“Was everyone there forced into perversions without consent? That’s cool,” another sarcastically remarked.

Despite the many negative comments, many others found the video comical and commented on it with a series of laughing emojis, “LMAO” and other similar statements.

Despite this, the video has gone quite viral, garnering over 2.5 million views in just three days.

Many other TikToker videos have a similar theme: strangers are asked strange questions, but none of them caused such a violent reaction as this latest download.


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